Welcome to Pendle Ham and Bacon, Premium Curers. Suppliers of top quality meat and small goods.

100 percent Australian owned and operated, Pendle Ham and Bacon Curers are known as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of smallgoods and have been serving the community for more than 40 years. Producing a wide range of quality ham; bacon; colonial; and continental small goods, we supply many butcher shops; restaurants; cafes; and schools. Delivery service is quick and efficient with our operational fleet of refrigerated vehicles delivering throughout Sydney and regional areas. Wholesale only.


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All kinds of Bacon

Deli Range

Pizza Making Supplies

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Turkey Meat and Products

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Chicken Deli Products

Chicken Deli Products

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Poultry & Eggs

Fresh Beef

Fresh Pork Cuts

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Fresh chicken products

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Frozen Seafood and Products

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Ordering Information and How To Contact Us

How to find us

Orders, dispatch and pick-up

All orders must be placed by 5.00am for same day delivery.

All orders or additional orders placed after 5.00am will be available for pick up from dispatch or will be delivered on your next allocated delivery day.

Dispatch Hours for Pick up Orders are:

5.00am till 3.00pm – Monday to Friday
6.00am till 11.00am – Saturday


Office Hours are:
5.00am till 4.00pm – Monday to Friday
6.00am till 12.00pm – Saturday

All phone orders must be in by this time or you can use one of the following methods to place your order after these times.

After Hours Answer Machine 9631-3133
Faxed Order 9631-7390
Email orders@pendleham.com.au

October Long Weekend  Trading Hours:
Saturday 1st October – Normal Saturday hours
Sunday 2nd October – Closed
Monday 3rd October – Closed
Tuesday 4th October – Back to normal

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