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A family legacy led
with tradition for 60 years.

We are proudly Australian owned and family operated

Australian owned and family operated, we are proud to be known as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of smallgoods and meats. Producing a wide range of quality ham, bacon, deli, and continental smallgoods, we have been providing the community with the same family oriented service for sixty years. Supplying butcher shops, restaurants, cafés, and schools with the best possible produce is where our mission lies. With our operational fleet of refrigerated vehicles delivering throughout Sydney and regional areas we ensure that our award-winning products reach you on time and in their freshest state.

About Us

From our humble beginnings 60 years ago, we’ve now grown to over 60 product lines, and have collected many awards along the way. Operating from Pendle Hill, our headquarters house our fleet, team and distribution centre. We continuously expand our farms in the Southern Highlands and ranges to offer the best craftsmanship.


Our Story

Our adventure dates back many decades ago in Malta where our family migrated from. Starting as a small family operation we’ve continued to evolve whilst retaining our passion in serving the community and producing great smallgoods.

Fresh Meat

Our extensive range of fresh meat products is sought exclusively from our Southern Highlands farms. We are passionate to keep creating the same quality products we’ve built our reputation on whilst ensuring the freshest and most convenient delivery. Our meats are also available at our signature market – Pendle Hill Meat Market.


Our award-winning smallgoods range has taken decades to perfect. Our mission lies in never compromising quality and ensuring that we bring you our family savoir- faire at reasonable prices with the best service. Our fleet and ordering processes ensure your orders always reach you as fresh as they can be.

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